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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas does East & West International Group (EWIG) operate in?

East & West International Group (EWIG) operates in several regions in the UAE including Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai & Sharjah.

What is the process of renting a property through east & west international group (EWIG)?

Find a suitable property by visiting our Web site to check the availability and provide the necessary documents.

General Requirements:

  • Submit Security Deposit (refundable – equivalent to 5% of the annual rent amount and minimum AED 3000).
  • Submit the total contracts payment by bank transfer or CHQ’s.
  • Connect utilities to the unit (ADDC Welcome letter is a mandatory requirement).
  • Tenants should be registered in UAE Pass.


  • Digital Copy Passport, Residency visa & Emirates ID.


  • Trade license (if the tenancy agreement is in the name of a company).
  • Passport copies and visas of company owner and occupants (if applicable).
  • Power of Authority (POA).

Sign the tenancy agreement.


Receive assistance and guidance from East & West International Group (EWIG) customer service staff throughout the process.

What is the average cost of renting a property in the UAE through East & West International Group (EWIG)?

The cost of renting a property in the UAE through East & West International Group (EWIG) will vary depending on several factors such as location, size, and type of property. It is recommended to contact our sales team at (02 207 2200) for a more accurate estimate.

What benefits do tenants enjoy from East & West International Group (EWIG)?

Access East & West International Group's (EWIG) network of sister companies offering regular discounts and promotions on services such as supermarkets, flowers, healthcare, landscaping, and more.

Dedicated customer service staff to guide tenants through the rental process and answer any questions they may have.

A wide range of properties to choose from, making it easier to find a property that meets the tenant's needs and budget.

Top facilities such as a gym, sauna, jacuzzi, playing grounds for kids and many others, making it a top choice for those looking for a comfortable living experience.

How long is the tenancy agreement for a property in UAE?

A typical long-term tenancy agreement is for a period of 12 months, which is renewable.

Who is responsible for paying service fees for a property in UAE?

The landlord is responsible for paying service fees for a property, but the tenant is responsible for paying a municipality tax of 5% of the annual rent.

What is the process for early termination of a tenancy agreement in UAE?
  • 2 months’ rent penalty for residential properties.
  • 3 months’ rent penalty for commercial properties.
How can I get the best facility management services?

Emirates International Facility Management LLC (EIFM) provides integrated facilities management services. They are known for their focus on safety and customer attention, making them a top choice in the industry. You can reach them at +971 2 207 2333 or by emailing

How can I find a reliable taxi service in Abu Dhabi?

Tawasul Transport Company offers taxi services in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain City, Bani Yas City and the Western Region. Their commitment to quality, safety and vehicle maintenance, combined with the use of satellite technology to track their vehicles, makes them a reliable option. You can reach them by booking a taxi at 600 53 53 53, calling +971 2 673 4444, or emailing

How can I find the best healthcare services in Abu Dhabi?

Yas Healthcare is a trusted healthcare destination that provides quality medical services in a compassionate environment. Their goal is to be the preferred healthcare provider for anyone seeking quality medical support. You can reach them at +971 2 333 6999 or by emailing

Where can I find quality landscaping services in Abu Dhabi?

For quality landscaping services in Abu Dhabi, look no further than Grove, a part of the DAS Holdings Group. You can reach them at +971 2 207 2207 or by emailing

What cheques must be submitted to issue the tenancy agreement?
  • Issue contract fees (Residential and Commercial).
  • Security deposit- 5% of the annual rent, minimum AED 3,000/- (Residential and Commercial).
  • Rental cheque Fees (Residential and Commercial).
  • Service cheque fees if applicable- 5% of the annual rent (Commercial).
  • VAT Cheque 5% of the total contract amount (Commercial).
Can I defer a rent payment?

Deferring payment is subject to the approval of East and West management. Please submit your request no less than 7 days before the payment is due. If your request is approved, an AED 525 deferral fee is payable to EWIG.

Does a bounced cheque from me invite legal action?

When a cheque bounces, our legal team is notified and will investigate. They then commence further action if payment and associated fees are not settled within the communicated time frame.

What is the move-in process in dubai?

Our Facility Engineer will meet with you at the EWIG office to start the orientation of welcoming you to our property. The Engineer explains rules and regulations, jointly inspects the premise, prepares a condition report, and hands over keys, and access cards.

Required documentation:

  • Copy of DEWA and Empower (or Logic utilities) connection documentation, if applicable.
  • A valid UAE ID of the person whose name is under the Tenancy Agreement.

If the Tenancy Agreement is under a company/corporate account, please provide us with a signed authorization letter on a company letterhead containing the stamp and ID of the representative authorized for handover.

I haven't completed my utility registration; can i still move into my unit?

Utility registration is a mandatory requirement and must be completed before you move into your unit. This process is not applicable to labour camp accommodation.

Does someone ensure my unit is in good condition before i move in?

Yes, your unit will be in good condition for your move-in appointment. All units are reinstated as per EWIG standards and will be handed over to you in ‘as-is’ condition.

If you face issues with your unit after moving in, please contact the EWIG call center or EIFM call center.

I am unable to attend the move-in appointment. Can i send someone on my behalf?

If you are unable to attend this appointment, please appoint an authorized person to attend on your behalf. Make sure you provide us with Power of Attorney/authorization, or an email/letter sent from the registered email, as per the contract. Send this to the Leasing Team stating the name of the third party receiving /handing over the unit along with an Original EID.

When is the security deposit refunded to me?

The security deposit is refunded to you 30 days from the day you submit your last utility bills. The refund is directly transferred to your bank account or by cheque under the tenant's name and you will receive a notification once it is ready.

What does the maintenance cover?

Facilities management is available 24/7 to assist you with issues related to mechanical, electrical, and plumbing in your unit. In the wider community, we take care of all the landscaping, pest control, waste disposal, and collection, amenities & facilities upkeep, and lifts.

Emergency maintenance during the night is available; however, appointments for regular services are scheduled during the day.

How often is my unit repainted?

Upon request, your unit is repainted internally every 2 years. Repainting requests are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Why do I need to give access to maintenance?

It is important to allow maintenance access to your property every 3 months to service the AC system, fire alarms, and safety equipment.

This helps maintain the quality of these assets and ensures their proper functioning. You also benefit from cleaner air conditioning and well-maintained fire alarms and safety equipment that works as expected during an emergency.

How do I change my unit in Dubai?

If you are upgrading or downgrading your unit, please visit EWIG Office to submit your request and check the availability of other units. In order to change your unit, we issue a new Tenancy Agreement and ask for a new security deposit, provide new cheque(s) for the rental amount due at the new unit and a transfer fee of AED 525, pay AED 210 admin fee, and AED 200 Ejari and start the vacating procedure for the unit you occupy.

Changing units with the same type is not allowed within the contract period and it’s only allowed at the time of renewal.

Once you hand over the keys and access card, disconnect your DEWA account, and empower (or logic utilities) if applicable, we commence the process of refunding the amount due from the unit you are moving out of. The refund is credited to you within 30 days from the start of the process.

May I use the community pool area for a private party or event?

As a health and safety precaution, and to avoid inconvenience to other tenants, we do not permit the use of swimming pools as venues for private events.

The party hall is available in certain properties and can be booked whenever you like. Please let us know your interest and contact our Call Center, which is available 24/7 to assist you.

What are the consequences of the violation notice I received?

Receiving this letter means you violated a term of your Tenancy Agreement or a clause in the community rules and regulations. Please comply with the request in the notice and rectify the situation as soon as possible. If not, legal action could be taken.

May I sublet my unit or a part of it to another person?

Subleasing your property or a part of it to any person is not permitted and is against the rules and regulations of RERA. Doing so invites legal action and eviction from your unit plus 2 month's rent penalty.

Why is a btu meter installed in my unit (if applicable in the property)?

Cooled Energy meters are installed to create a direct relationship between you and your utility provider and allow you control over the consumption of RT (Refrigeration Tonnes).

Billing is in proportion to BTU meter consumption and charged monthly, which also helps you be aware of and thus regulate RT consumption.

What are the empower charges?

Charges include Monthly Consumption, Fuel surcharge, billing, and Maintenance.

Who is responsible for paying service fees for a property in ewig buildings?

The landlord is responsible for paying service fees for a residential property, but the tenant is responsible for paying a municipality tax of 5% of the annual rent billed by ADDC.

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